SOHO logo design 

Israeli chain of "Temple of designed products" logo design

Yehuda Halevy logo design 

Bauhaus renovation project, located in the white city of tel aviv logo design

Greenfield logo design 

Healthy food and salad bar logo design

Pinchas & Gaston logo design 

Luxurious boutique suites, located in western Galilee on the mediterranean beach logo design

Hasadeh logo design 

Stamp-like set of organic food logo's: general, kid's & asian logo design

Nirlat logo design 

Paint and construction brand logo design

Moraz logo design 

Galille medical herbs brand logo design

Six logo design 

Renovation project of 6 luxurious bauhaus apartments in the whit city of Tel aviv logo design

MailX logo design 

Web mail distribution service logo design

Pinchas & Avraham logo design 

Countryside suite hotel logo design

Head hunting logo design 

Top management recruiting company logo design

Ashaley Hanegev logo design 

Desert technological development project logo design

Lilach vineyard logo design 

Organic boutique vineyard, located in the Jezrael valley logo design

Sesame street logo design 

Israely sesame street - children's tv program logo design

60 Radio years logo design 

Celebrating 60 years of Israeli radio broadcasting logo design

Post Heaven logo design 

Financial investment group logo design

The farm logo design 

In-city agricultural teaching & recreation farm logo design

Goodao logo design 

Chinese organic milk products logo design

elock logo design 

Fingerprint door lock logo design

Medalya logo design 

On-line design and art store logo design

Hakiosk logo design 

Local kiosk for healthy food logo design

Heli Maman logo design 

Diet and healthy life support groups logo design

Greens logo design 

Organic vegetable products logo design

Hadubim logo design 

Israeli Hadubim beer logo design

Gushpanka logo design 

B2B company logo design

MS logo design 

Strategic communications company logo design

Hell Beach logo design 

Beach resort logo design

Mingling logo design 

Events production company logo design

Rosenfeld logo design 

DIY and home accessories store logo design

Good Earth logo design 

Organic products corporation, located in Shendong province China logo design

Aloe Active logo design 

Aloevera mouth care products for kids and adults logo design